Proudly supporting the Heritage Bred Hampshire pig, they are a member of the belted breeds, so called because of the band of white skin and hair that encircles the body around the shoulders encompassing the forelegs to the feet. The remainder of the body being completely black giving the animals of this breed a striking appearance. They are rapid growers with erect ears, which are bred to live outdoors.

Our Mae Hill Farm piggies are free to roam on natural grasses and pasture, have protection from our Australian climate and are able to live as nature intended them to. A very good forager and efficient feeder. Otherwise they spend their days stretched out snoozing under a gum tree, digging holes or chasing each other around the paddock. This stress-free rearing results in delicious, succulent and mouth-watering pork with proper crackling.

Our pigs are fed a 100% chemical & meat-free diet.

The Hampshire pig is used for meat production that yields a lean, low fat and well-muscled thin skinned carcass. Minimal amounts of back fat and large loin eyes. A lot of pigs have naturally fatty meat, so a lean alternative is sometimes rare to find.

Sows and boars exhibit a placid temperament. They are friendly, docile, and easy to rear. Hampshire pigs are excellent breeders. Sows are natural mothers and the phrase, “longevity in the sow” is often referred to like this breed. You can expect larger than average litter sizes, of 7 to 15 piglets.

While they might seem large to the average person, Hampshire pigs are actually classified as a medium-sized breed.

Hampshire pigs were only introduced into Australia in the 80’s, because of this late introduction and the limited numbers, they are now the most critically endangered breed of pig in Australia today, with only a handful of breeders maintaining pure bred herds. There are also very few boar and sow lines left. They are currently the rarest pig breed in Australia.

We are registered for the Pink Pork Mark which guarantees that you are buying 100% Australian Pork.