British White cattle are one of the oldest breeds in Britain and these animals were previously known as Park cattle. British White cattle where first imported to Australia by Anthony Hordern in 1958.

British Whites are naturally polled. Being a dominant gene, this feature is an advantage in mixed breeding programmes. The black points and pigmented skin eliminate the problems of eye cancer, sunburn or sunburnt teats and photosensitisation is unknown in this breed.

They are white in colour with black points; nose, viz muzzle, ears, eyelids, cow teats, legs with a splash of colour or spots on the front of each fetlock, black hooves and a black tongue.

Mature cows weigh to 650 kg and mature bulls to one tonne. British White cattle are docile, hardy and remarkably free from disease. Ticks are also uncommon, as are cases of arthritis and calving difficulties. They are good milk producers and are equally well known for their beef qualities. The tender meat has excellent marbling qualities, low in saturated fat and cholesterol levels and is full of flavour.

Another quality of this breed is their mothering ability by individual females, also incorporating the nursery system of a guard cow protecting groups of calves whiles the remainder of the herd grazes. Although this characteristic is known in some breeds of cattle, it is highly developed in British White and is of great benefit in areas where or other predators are of concern.