Mae Hill Farm focuses on producing naturally raised and ethically farmed lamb for customers that value not only fine eating lamb meat, but also are concerned that this is done with respect for the animal and the land. Our bloodlines have been introduced from leading breeders throughout Australia.

Suffolk Sheep are prolific, early maturing sheep which produce excellent carcasses. They are energetic and alert, with excellent stamina.They have a docile temperament and can be easily managed in small or large flocks. Our flock is well handled and can be easily moved with a bucket of feed, our children feed them daily and they are accustomed to human interaction.

Suffolk ewes make excellent mothers compared to other breeds with good lamb survival rates in high weaning percentages.They are famed for their multiple births and ease of lambing due to lambs been born with narrow heads and smooth shoulders.

Chris and Frances are focused on producing a well-muscled, fast growing animal with superior eating quality.

The comments on the eating quality, tenderness and flavour are always very positive, people say it tastes the way lamb used to taste.