Welcome to Mae Hill Farm, producer and supplier of the finest quality meat.

Our British White cattle are 100% grass-fed for their entire lives and slowly grown until they naturally reach maturity at around approximately 24 months old.

We ensure our animals only feed on their mother’s milk and green grass. It’s a diet that results in a superior and more complex taste, lower fat content and higher levels of essential nutrients such as omega-3.

Animal welfare is at the heart of our farming. We raise our cattle with care, using 100% ethical farming practices that encourage natural and free roaming and grazing, our cattle are never confined to feedlots or sheds. This guarantees the utmost quality of our final product. It also means you can enjoy your meat knowing the animal was treated well throughout its life.

We believe in rotational grazing and holistic farm management practices. Using this system we rest paddocks and allow them to rejuvenate. We believe in managing appropriate stock numbers to encourage bio diverse pastures containing better nutrients for our cattle.

We guarantee that our cattle have never been given antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically modified feed.

We understand the importance and the transparency of knowing what you eat. We love the fact we can share with you, so you can experience the true taste of 'paddock to plate' produce with our superb quality beef.