Mae Hill Farm



The BBQ meatbox includes:

Oyster blade steaks

4 pieces

Scotch fillet 2 pieces


10 skewers

Gourmet beef sausages (gluten free)

1 kg

Lamb sausages (gluten free)

1 kg

Gourmet beef rissoles

1 kg

Lamb loin chops

7 pieces

Lamb chump chops 4 pieces
Lamb bbq chops 1 kg
Marinated lamb souvlaki kebabs 6 pieces/ approx 900grams


Unless stipulated your sausages & rissoles will be one of the 2 following flavours:

Beef Sausage - Gourmet Beef sausage
Lamb Sausage  - Lamb and rosemary

BBQ Beef rissoles - Gourmet beef
BBQ Lamb rissoles - Lamb and rosemary

Please note the above is an example only. Packs, weights and meat cuts may vary from time to time due to the animal weight and cut sizes. Steaks in meat boxes are 200-250g each. 

We get new boxes in each month. If you missed out this month please email: to go onto the waiting list for next month once the orders are open. 

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